iPhone (2018) naming scheme allegedly leaks: iPhone Xc, Xs, and Xs Plus

iPhone (2018) naming scheme
This Wednesday, Apple is expected to unveil its brand-new iPhone lineup. By now, almost all details surrounding the trio of smartphones are known. However, one thing that has remained pretty unclear since the very beginning is how Apple will choose to brand its new devices. Thanks to a leaked China Mobile presentation, though, this appears to have been cleared up.

Although initial rumors made mention of the iPhone 9 moniker when it came to the budget 6.1-inch model, the China Mobile presentation claims that the Silicon Valley-based giant will actually offer the smartphone as the iPhone Xc. Now, at this moment in time, it’s unclear exactly why Apple has opted for this name. However, it could be a direct reference to 2013’s iPhone 5c. After all, just as expected from the iPhone Xc, this model acted as a cheaper and more colorful offering upon its release.

Elsewhere in Apple’s lineup, the presentation reconfirms a previous report that claimed that Apple’s iPhone X successor would be branded as the iPhone Xs. Interestingly, though, it contradicts recent reports relating to the iPhone Xs Max branding by stating that the largest model will actually be sold under the iPhone Xs Plus moniker.

Aside from the new names, the presentation also reconfirms that Apple’s new devices will be available to purchase starting September 21. Additionally, it confirms the official pricing in China but, due to taxes and import tariffs, these numbers don't confirm the US pricing.

As this is simply a leak at this point, these names could still be inaccurate – they could potentially just be placeholders in use until Apple reveals the official monikers. However, due to the fact that carries tend to receive information ahead of time, there’s a high chance that these will indeed be the final names of Apple’s 2018 iPhones.

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