iPads are no longer reserved for young male geeks

iPads are no longer reserved for young male geeks
Tablets, dominated by the iPad, and e-readers are no longer a territory reserved for young males, Nielsen found in a demographics study showing that older people and females are increasingly adopting the relatively new segments, previously reserved for early geek adopters. The percentage of tablet owners over the age of 55 nearly double to 19% in the second quarter of 2011, compared to only 10% in the Q3 2010.

At the same time, the share of tablet owners under 34 now stands at 46%, a significant drop from the 62% figure in the third quarter of last year. In addition, females are also gradually adopting tablets, but while the slates remain male territory, the e-readers seem to fit better the lifestyle of women.

Smartphones on the other hand were equally popular among both sexes. Age-wise, they have almost the opposite dynamics as teens under 18 now accounted for only 2% of all the owners, down from 10%, while 18 to 24 year olds have increasingly spent their hard earned cash for smart handsets. Do your personal observations agree with Nielsen’s findings about tablets being more of a male attribute and smartphones equally split between genders?

source: Nielsen



1. Moo unregistered

A friend of mine went to the last Apple conference. There was no girls there almost he said. I said you were surprised by this? lol

3. jogutier

Posts: 324; Member since: Feb 12, 2010

I look at all apple products being made for women. :)

5. SavageLucy42

Posts: 211; Member since: Mar 24, 2011

The iPad is especially handy when you're on your iPeriod.

2. Paden

Posts: 262; Member since: Jul 07, 2011

This survey is for people who use iPads, not tech writers. ;)

4. kaka unregistered

that girl is hot...

6. ChiX017 unregistered

yh she iS..

7. 530gemini

Posts: 2198; Member since: Sep 09, 2010

I know why android fanboys aren't harsh on this article. It's because of that hot chick in the photo, hahahahahaha.

8. andro unregistered

It isn't just male who fall for apples brainwashing pr,females can too,in fact women are probably more prone as iphones being nothing but a fashion 'look what i have' icon means women are more susceptible. An APPLE can be rotten and have worms inside....isheep will still eat it anyhow

10. E.N.

Posts: 2610; Member since: Jan 25, 2009

so the moral of your post is that android manufactures suck because they can't attract customers. Don't blame people for actually liking their phones. 80% of iPhone users are more likely to buy another iPhone while only 70% of Android users are more likely to buy another Android handset. Now what does that tell you?

14. E.N.

Posts: 2610; Member since: Jan 25, 2009

Haha, keep marking me down but don't blame Apple for successfully marketing their product. I've never owned an Apple product before my first iPhone, so I wonder how the brainwashing worked in my case. If companies can't successfully market their product, then that's a FAILURE. I mean why doesn't the competition pay attention and take notes? Maybe they should just sh*t out 10 more Android devices and make you guys buy it to make up for their sucky business practices. Woops, they already do that! my bad. Have you guys seen the commercial for the Motorola Bionic? Just about some chick kicking and flipping. Wow, great job motorola, one of your best work so far, and I'm not even being sarcastic. The original droid, the best android device of its time, was made a success because of commercials like stealth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9fXYQjwR0w And the sad thing is that it actually worked!! This is what you call brainwashing. Or maybe the people who buy into things like that are just dumb.

9. gallitoking

Posts: 4721; Member since: May 17, 2011

jajaja if this was an article about the galaxy tab .. instead of the hot chick... they will get the green robot with a moustache... jajajajaja

11. andro unregistered

E.N android manufactuers do attack customers up to 500,000 a day to be exact,apple attracts them due to massive name pr brainwashing advertising and brand name alone after all if you don't have an iphone then you don't have an iphone. However thank god as i've seen in the store i work in a fair amount of people now know the iphone 4 for instance equals little change except lots of calls dropping! and those who return complaining after buying the iphone now know they should have know better! As for 80% vs 70 % don't be stupid,android manufacturers are too busy changing the market place with top phones at a rate of up to 500,000 a day!!!

12. gallitoking

Posts: 4721; Member since: May 17, 2011

and 500.000 activations a day... 400.000 are from low end phones.. that they will regret in 6 months or less..

15. E.N.

Posts: 2610; Member since: Jan 25, 2009

Dude, next time reply to my comment. I almost didn't see this. But for those "if you don't have an iphone then you don't have an iphone" commercials, at least their showing footage of.....(drumroll please)....the actual phone! In Apple's advertisements, they definitely rely on catchy music and heartfelt scenes like pregnant facetime women, but its always the phone, the applications, the game, the features, etc. The Droid has its airplanes and robots, the Bionic with the female warrior, with Evo it was 95% about firsts (what a snore) before finally showing the phone, with xperia play it was about the green robot getting surgery and getting stitched thumbs. iPhone commercials are the most straightfoward commercials - it's you and the phone, no fancy special effects. And Apple is the company who is brainwashing. Do you mind explaining what 500,000 a day has to do with 80% vs 70%. You can have 500,000 activation a day but still have only 70% satisfaction rate. And like I've said many times before, Android handsets are the new feature phones. When the #1 reason for buying a SMARTphone is how much you can customize and personalize and not the applications and the overall functionality and consistency of the device, then you know you're not talking about smartphones anymore. I've been on this site for quite a while, and it seems like as time goes by and as Android becomes more successful, the arguments definitely dumb down.

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