iPad survives after being accidentally embedded in car bumper


Here comes a story, the kind of which we don't hear every day. According to a recent news report, an iPad got stuck deep in a car bumper – so deep that a hammer was required in order to get it out. Surprisingly, the tablet lived to tell the story and even got reunited with its owner after all the trouble it went to.

It turns out that the misfortunate iPad flew off the roof of a moving car embedding itself into the bumper of a nearby vehicle. Its owner simply forgot it there and took off. Interestingly, the lady whose car got hit didn't see the iPad until she got back home and looked at the front of her car. Since the iPad was still working even after the accident – a proof that Apple's tablets are pretty well built, the lady who found it managed to contact the tablet's rightful owner. A video of the entire news report is available at the source link below!

source: ABC57 News via 9to5Mac

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