This iPad case dweller can give you rabies

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Chalk this one under the "you can't make this up" category, but an iPad owner from New Hampshire had a surprise encounter with a cave-dweller turned into a case-dweller, and a rabid one at that.

Yes, we mean a rabid bat that had lodged between the screen and the case, and bit the Apple tablet's owner when he opened the cover unsuspectingly to sit in his rocking chair to scroll through his news feed. 

The tablet "was between my knees, tight as can be," explained 86-year-old Roy Syvertson in an interview, and he only got a whiff of the bat's existence when the thing bit him on his index finger while trying to open the cover. 

Apparently, the damage wasn't just psychological as Syverston continued to describe the bite to have been "just like a bee sting." "It was quite a shock," he continued, but the surprises didn't end here. While he released the bat outside, he found him at the very same spot on the next day, dead. Fish and Game department officials ran a test and confirmed that the bat had rabies, so the iPad owner had to undergo a series of shots to make sure the disease doesn't spread.

"I really hope people seeing this will talk with their children and say, 'Look, if you see an animal that wants to be friends, don't touch it, don't go near it," was the moral of the story for Mr Syverston, and we can't help but notice the vintage-looking genuine leather case that was the culprit behind the whole ordeal.

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