iOS interface concept shows how much better Apple devices could have been

iOS interface concept shows how much better Apple devices could have been
iOS 6 is soon coming out with plenty of new features, but it looks more like a gradual improvement and evolution over the existing iOS 5 rather than a revolutionary leap into the future of interfaces. And this lack of inspirational ideas actually inspired designer Joost van der Ree to show his ideas about how iOS 6 could have looked like in an ideal world.

The video you’d see below is merely a concept, but it’s full packed with such awesome ideas we thought, you’d like to see some of the features. We wouldn’t be all that surprised if Apple itself gets inspired from seeing this and decides to implement a feature from here in one form or another.

The ideas start with a notification center so different people wouldn’t have thought Apple copied it from Android. Also, Mission Control is a neat idea how Mac’s OS X could influence Apple’s mobile platform.

Finally, we love the idea of dynamic badges for notifications in various apps and Flipcons is a brilliant concept. Check them all out below.

source: The Tech Block


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