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iOS App Store having issues updating apps (Gmail the cause?)

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iOS App Store having issues updating apps (Gmail the cause?)
We got a couple messages saying that you guys were having issues updating Gmail for iOS, which just got some cool new features, and it seems that the issue is more widespread than that and many App Store users are having trouble updating apps. There are even theories that the problems were caused specifically by the Gmail app as users scrambled to update the app to the new version. Many of the reports are centered on the Gmail app, so it could be an issue just with that app. 

Apparently, many people on Twitter are complaining that they can't update apps on iOS, and some are even saying that they can't download apps at all. We've tested it and haven't had issues. And, we know from your comments that some of you have had success updating Gmail, so the issue may be somewhat sporadic. 

We're sure that there are already silly conspiracy theories being built that Apple is causing the problem to keep people away from the Google app, but that's pretty unlikely. 

We'll keep digging and let you know if we find out any more info. 

source: Venture Beat

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