iOS 7 adoption breaks previous record, now accounts for 60% of the ecosystem

iOS 7 adoption breaks records, now accounts for 60% of the ecosystem

Apple's overhauled iOS 7 update hasbeen live for less than 10 days, but the numbers have already startedcoming in, and they're quite impressive. According to several estimates,the adoption of iOS 7 spiked to 30% of the total iOS ecosystem in thefirst 24 hours, alone. This has since changed, and dramatically atthat, making iOS 7 the “fastest software upgrade in history”,according to Apple, though Cupertino didn't bother to compare it toprevious releases or provide exact figures.

No matter, for third-party marketingplatforms like Fiksu and Mixpanel have a statistically sufficientsample of the iOS world to help them with estimates, and thewillingness to share their numbers. Starting off with Fiksu, thecompany has been tracking iOS 7's progress hourly, and estimates that188.42 hours after its release, iOS 7 now accounts for 57.6% of thetotal Apple ecosystem. The numbers from Mixpanel are fairly similar –according to their estimate, 60.97% of all iOS users are now runningon the new firmware.

Fiksu has also provided a chart witha break down of the iOS universe, at least as far as the iPhone isconcerned. As you can see below, the adoption rates for the iPhone 5s(1%) and iPhone 5c (0.3%) are still tiny in comparison to theyet-to-be-dethroned iPhone 5 (39.3%). The now aging iPhone 4s andiPhone 4 are no joke, either – they comprise a 32.2% and 24.7%share, respectively.

Apple has definitely made a name foritself when new software is involved – these make the rounds prettyfast, ensuring that the vast majority of people on the Apple OS areup to speed with the company's latest efforts, and that's admirable.

Source: Fiksu, Mixpanel via 9to5Mac

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