iOS 7: a bug-infested mess or simply a work in progress?

Is iOS 7 a bug-infested mess or simply a work in progress?

After the smoke has cleared aroundApple's overhauled iOS 7, and we've had enough time to test out andactually enjoy the new look and features, it's time we finally drew the line. Many of you will have done this already, inyour own way. Giving iOS an objective rating, however, involves astring of impossibilities, if only because the process in itself isinherently subjective. For what it counts, we actually like the newiOS – it sure was about time. And though most negative feedback we've come across involved a knee-jerk reaction, we do acknowledge the fact that not everybodynecessarily feels the way we do.

But, you know what isn't subjective?Bugs. And though there's certainly a variation to the severity ofdifferent people's reactions to bugs, it's safe to say that nobodylikes them. Unfortunately, iOS 7 is ripe with those, and some could even say that that's the understatement of the year, since it feels likethose are everywhere. Now, don't go making grand conclusions just yet– while the number of things not working/rendering properly ispretty significant, for the most part the updated platform is working very well as far as the core functionality/stability of the system is involved.

But hasn't attention to detail longserved as the de-facto motto of Apple? Well, as far as iOS 7 isconcerned, we can confidently say that Apple has lost its touch –the new OS showcases anything, but attention to detail. It feels rushed and unpolished.

Last Updated: 08/10/2013

After the many, manybugs and design inconsistencies you just went through (including thereturn of the lockscreen bypass), would you say that iOS 7 is a mess,or simply a work in progress? Us, we are leaning on thelatter – software overhauls, and overhauls as a whole, are a messybusiness. But we're most definitely happy that Apple finally went ahead and did it. Of course, as time goes by, so does everyone'spatience for these design and functional aberrations, so we dohope we won't have to re-visit this subject again, a month or twofrom now.

source: SloppyUI

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