iOS 5.0.1 released early to select users in the AppleSeed program

iOS 5.0.1 released early to select users in the AppleSeed program
As you probably are already aware, Apple has previously admitted that there are bugs affecting battery life in iOS 5 devices and is working on a fix for the next software release. Shortly after that confirmation, Apple began seeding a beta version of 5.0.1 to developers. The update reportedly contained a number of bug fixes, including ones that addressed the battery life issues.

A few end-users who complained about battery life and are a part of Apple’s AppleSeed program, which allows Apple to invite select customers to test pre-release software, have begun receiving the update as well. Participants in the program are being warned prior to updating their device that they will be unable to downgrade to iOS 5.0, however, they will be able to upgrade to the final release when it is available.

9to5 Mac also obtained a picture of an internal memo to Apple Store employees, which instructs them, once they’ve ruled out any hardware failures, to inform customers who complain about battery life that “Apple has found a few bugs in iOS 5 affecting battery life and Apple will release a software update to address those in a few weeks.”

In addition to the battery life fixes, the iOS 5.0.1 update is expected to contain security improvements, add multitasking gestures to the original iPad, address bugs with documents in the cloud, and improve Siri’s voice recognition for Australian users.

source: 9to5 Mac via PCMag



1. _TheGreatIam

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2. username

Posts: 25; Member since: Nov 05, 2011

not much, but i guess its an improvent. my mom has iphone 3gs and wants siri on her phone. so i wonder if that'll ever happen?

4. Carlitos

Posts: 664; Member since: Oct 23, 2011

The news is spreding, about this man tht was able to put siri on iphone 3gs. There is a youtube video on it.

3. nameless1521

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the battery life issue was huge, but at least they fix by now.

5. windowsRocks

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Instead of suing Apple should concentrate on fixing iOS bugs

6. android_hitman unregistered

apple sucks! this is their 2nd major OS update and they failed again. The same thing happened with iOS4. but if they can sell crap..... GOOD for them. Go apple

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