iLuv Vibro II alarm clock stand hands-on

iLuv Vibro II alarm clock stand hands-on
Itching to replace that old-school alarm clock by your bedside with something more modern, let’s say, one that would perfectly integrate with your snazzy iPhone? Well, you’re in luck because the iLuv Vibro II alarm clock speaker stand for the iPhone is here for all you waking needs. Priced significantly higher than your normal alarm clock at $79.99 online and through various retailers, it boasts quite a few extended features to hopefully justify its higher price point.

Design-wise, the iLuv Vibro II is pretty sleek and minimalistic with its balanced appearance – as two distinguishable speakers surround its dock area and easy to read LCD display. Despite its sturdy constructions with its all-black plastic body, it still tends to retain most smudges, but at least quick swipes with a piece of cloth keeps its clean looking. On the top side, we find all of its physical alarm clock and iPod controls, along with the dock connection port to accommodate the iPhone. In the rear, we’re presented with its power port, auxiliary port, and another one branded for the “shaker.” So what is the shaker you ask?

Well, it’s a square plastic item that attaches to the Vibro II and placed underneath your pillow. As its name implies, it vibrates in accordance with the alarm to hopefully get you out of your slumber – well, that’s if the alarm doesn’t do that already. Now this isn’t something typically offered by other alarm clocks, but it’ll be appreciated by those heavy sleepers out there. Using it to play music, it’s blatantly powerful with its volume to wake us up, but it doesn’t have the bass tones exhibited by some standalone speaker systems – then again, that’s not what it’s sought out to do.

Finally, there’s the free iLuv app that’s available for free in the App Store. At first, it closely resembles HTC’s Sense interface due to the iconic looking over-sized clock seen with it. Nevertheless, we like how it offers different sets of clocks – such as an analog one and world clock. Even better, there are other tabs accessing the weather, FM radio, and iPod functions. Sadly though, there’s no battery backup of some kind, but rather, it has this TimeSync feature that automatically sets the time when an iPhone is docked. So there you have it folks! The iLuv Vibro II carries a heavy cost, but when you take into account all the features it offers, it might prove worthy enough get you out of bed without making you too cranky. Any takers?



2. itiswhatitis

Posts: 423; Member since: Jan 23, 2012

Don't know why but seems like all the multimedia docks are for iphones!! Why can't they made some for android top-end models??

1. roscuthiii

Posts: 2383; Member since: Jul 18, 2010

iLuv Vibro... maybe it's just me... but that sounds naughty.

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