The next foldable clamshell leaks courtesy of a celebrity photoshoot

The next foldable clamshell leaks courtesy of a celebrity photoshoot
The rumored next foldable phone from Huawei - P50 Pocket - has leaked in its entirety a week before its presumed unveiling, courtesy of Harper's Bazaar, of all places. The lifestyle magazine lets us take a good look at Huawei's first clamshell foldable designed to take on the Galaxy Z Flip 3, marketed by local celebrity Guan Xiao Tong.

The handset looks pretty chic, what with the golden finish and the intricate pattern on the exterior, plus it has two round accents to attract attention. On of those is where the camera kit lies, of course, but the other is actually the small external display meant for notifications and such. 

The triple camera is situated into a protruding camera island, while the circular cover screen is with a 1" diameter. According to display analyst Ross Young, the flexible internal screen is with a largish 6.85" diagonal, making it larger than what's on the Z Flip 3, but not much else is known about the specs of the P50 Pocket.

We'd wager to guess that Huawei has powered it with its own Kirin chipset, and there should be several memory and storage versions to choose from, but mum's the word on the pricing yet, as the P50 Pocket is slated for announcement on December 23. Do you like what you see here?

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