How to change Apple AirTag battery

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How to change Apple AirTag battery
Apple's AirTags are jokingly referred to the only Apple product where you can replace the battery yourself. And yeah, considering you will need to do so annually, it's good that there are no shenanigans here.

So, first thing's first.

How long does an Apple AirTag battery last?

Based on official data, a fresh battery should last you about a year. Now, the performance of batteries is influenced by temperature. Considering the AirTag is so tiny, you can rest assured that the battery will feel the cold very, very fast, if the AirTag in particular spends is left outside in the winter cold. So, the battery might deteriorate quicker.

Thankfully, Apple has included a helpful battery meter in the Find My app, so you can check up on your AirTags' battery health regularly. Presumably we should also get a notification when one needs a battery swap.

How to swap an AirTag's battery?

It's actually fairly easy. You need to grip the AirTag and push in the metal part that is on its back. When you feel it giving a little, just twist counter-clockwise. The metal plate will jump out thanks to a pair of metal strips on the other side, which are constantly pushing into the battery.

What type of battery does the AirTag use?

It's a plain old regular "2032" coin-sized battery. You can find these basically everywhere — from grocery stores to gas stations.

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