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Would you hide The Notch?

Would you hide The Notch?
Alright, there's a new design trend in the smartphone world and it's so controversial, it's tearing families apart — The Dreaded Notch!

OK, it's not really destroying marriages (we hope), but there certainly is a vocal part of the community that finds it hideous. Either because people hate the aesthetics of it or because it looks like anyone who's doing it is trying to imitate the iPhone X (or a mix of both reasons).

If you are yet unaware, The Notch™ is the small cutout that digs in on the top side of a smartphone with otherwise very, very thin bezels. It's there because manufacturers still need a place to put the selfie camera, earpiece, proximity sensor, and other sensors if they happen to be using iris-reading technology.

As a result, the screen is not a perfect rectangular shape, but has a piece cut out from it and appears to have two "ears" (or horns?) sticking out of it. Some people like it, others don't mind it, and some hate it with a passion.

That's why some manufacturers (LG, Huawei, and OnePlus come to mind) have included a setting in their newest phones that allows the user to "mask" the notch — an always-black overlay appears on top of the display and makes it look like the phone has a top bezel, instead of a screen with a bite taken off of it.

So, here's a question — suppose you have a phone with The Notch (it seems that we'll be seeing a tone of those by the end of 2018). Would you use any software setting to mask its presence, or do you not mind it?

Would you use the overlay to hide your phone's notch?

Nah! If you've got it, flaunt it!
I'd test it out, but it doesn't bother me that much
Absolutely! I might even add black tape up there if it's not convincing enough!
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