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Google entices people to switch from the iPhone to a Pixel 3 in its latest ad campaign


Google has launched a new ad campaign for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, aimed at iPhone users who find it hard to switch to any other phone. None of the ads actually mention Apple or the iPhone by name, but all three newly-converted Google users in the videos are obviously switching from iOS.

Called the 'Unswitchables', the ad campaign currently consists of three 7-minute long episodes, each of which explores common reasons for not wanting to move another ecosystem. These include being too used to your phone, having a loved one who's not willing to change brands, or simply being too busy.

Aptly named "Too Busy to Switch," the first episode revolves around Gladys – an aspiring chef who claims she doesn't have the time to deal with moving everything to a new platform. The video focuses on the Pixel 3's built-in tool that lets you do an easy data transfer from an iPhone when you're setting it for the first time and also shows how Google's latest flagship can fit in a busy lifestyle.

The second video, "Too In Love to Switch," revolves around the multi-talented Layne whose girlfriend is unwilling to switch from iOS, as it is implied in the video, because of her loyalty to iMessage. "She's so loyal to her brand, she wouldn't even respond to a text from a different kind of phone," Layne says. However, with some convincing on host James Davis' part, the couple makes the switch.

The third and last episode, "Too Chill to Switch," is about Mateo – a professional dog walker who's simply way too comfortable with his iPhone to consider trying something new. However, he's also a hobbyist photographer who loves taking pictures of dogs and is swayed by the camera of the Pixel 3.

Speaking of convincing, it's commendable that Google chose not to mention Apple and iOS by name and refrained from showing the iPhone from the front, but some segments where the people should be impressed with the phone or are supposedly having a hard time deciding whether to switch feel a bit forced.

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