Google Pay's autofill finally lets you name your cards: here's how

Google Pay's autofill finally lets you name your cards
Sooner or later, we’ll get there. Can you imagine? A day where you wake up and have to take with you nothing beyond your phone. Chonky wallet? Bye-bye! Tons of cards and IDs? Always with you, on your phone! Dirty cash? No need: all of the best phones on the market will be able to be used as payment methods.

And this future is happening thanks to tech goliaths like Apple and Google. Recently, we talked about how Google Files is starting to adopt digital documents in India — and that is certainly a feature that needs to grow more and become available in other countries too.

But Google Pay requires updates too! For example, have you ever had a situation where you are trying to pay something online and then GPay asks you to pick a card. And there's, like, several and all of them indicated by card numbers?

What year is this? Well, as it turns out: the year that this changes!

Autofill is one of the most convenient features that anyone can take advantage of, especially when provided safely through masters of the craft such as Google. But still, being unable to label your autofill presets feels a tad outdated in 2023, right?

Finally, Google Pay will become updated — which includes GPay in Chrome, by the way — to let you name your cards when using autofill. And in a day and age, where virtual cards are becoming more accessible and sought-after, this is pure bliss.

The update is reportedly rolling out now, so here’s what you need to know:

  • The phone app may try to set some generic name up for your cards, but other than that: if you visit the Payment Methods section, you’ll be free to change them as you please

The situation is a bit more tricky on PC, through Chrome, though, so here’s a quick guide for that:

  1. Navigate to the Google Pay homepage
  2. Click the blue “Set up payment methods” button on the top right
  3. Select “Manage Payment Methods”, which should be at the top of the list that you are seeing
  4. On any of your visible payment methods, select “Edit”
  5. Input your desired name in the “Card Nickname” section on the bottom
  6. Donezo!

Now, since the update is still rolling out, we’re not sure if Chrome may get the generic naming conventions too. Furthermore, we aren’t certain if those may try to override any nicknames set, so if you happen to notice anything: make sure to let us know through a comment!

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