Google might make it even easier to chat with Gemini within the Messages app

Google might make it even easier to chat with Gemini within the Messages app
Image credit: Google

Google is experimenting with a new way to access Gemini, its large language model (LLM) chatbot, within the Google Messages app. The tech giant is reportedly testing a dedicated button that would take users directly to the Gemini conversation screen, eliminating a few steps from the current process.

Currently, starting a chat with Gemini in Google Messages involves tapping the "Start chat" button and then selecting Gemini from the options. The new feature, discovered in the app version messages.android_20240610_01_RC00 through an APK teardown, would introduce a Gemini logo button above the "Start chat" button. Tapping this new button would immediately open the Gemini conversation interface, allowing users to type in their prompts without delay.

New Gemini quick-access fab found in latest beta version of the Google Messages app | Image credit: Android Authority

Interestingly, as seen in the above screenshots, the new Gemini button is notably smaller than the existing "Start chat" button. Whether this size difference is a deliberate design choice or an unintentional bug remains unclear.

While removing a single step might seem like a minor adjustment, it could significantly impact user interaction with Gemini. By making the chatbot more accessible and prominent, Google could potentially encourage more users to engage with Gemini and explore its capabilities.

This change aligns with Google's broader efforts to integrate Gemini across its product ecosystem. The company has already introduced Gemini in various apps and services, including Gemini 1.5 Pro in Gemini Advanced and the YouTube Music Gemini Extension. The addition of a dedicated button in Google Messages further reinforces Google's commitment to making Gemini a central part of its user experience.

As of now, the new Gemini button has not been rolled out to beta users, but it is expected to appear in the app soon. With this update, Google could be aiming to make conversations with Gemini more seamless and intuitive, ultimately driving greater adoption and usage of the AI chatbot.

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