Google Maps beta allows users to preset favorite mode of transportation

Google maps update coming
Google Maps has become a versatile app that not only helps you get from point "A" to point "B" safely, it also recommends places to stay, where to get a meal, and things to see and do once you do arrive at point "B." The app has over 1 billion monthly active users and is by far and away the most popular mobile navigation app found on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Google also owns Waze which has become something of an incubator for new ideas and features that eventually make their way to Google Maps. 9to5Google has recently received screenshots showing what the Google Maps app looks like in beta version 11.28. One of the new features coming to Google Maps will make it easier to preset the mode of transportation that you prefer.

A panel covering approximately the bottom 35-40% of the display will allow Maps users to select which mode of transportation they prefer. Options include driving, walking, train (rail), bus, bicycle, ride service (Uber, Lyft for example), and bike & Scooter share. Under Route options, you can choose to avoid tolls, highways, and ferries. You can also select fuel-efficient routes and modes of transport that are wheelchair accessible.

By far and and away, Google Maps is the most popular mobile navigation app in the world

These settings can already be adjusted from the Google app by opening the app and tapping the profile picture in the upper right corner. From there,  go to Settings > Google Assistant > Account > You > Transportation. From that page, you can choose which mode of transportation you prefer. Obviously, it would be much more seamless to be able to set this from the Maps app which is what this beta update attempts to do.

So far, this beta has not been disseminated widely. Additionally, AndroidPolice reports that an Android user received these changesin the current 11.27.2. version of Google Maps. When you select a particular mode of transportation with the new setup, it will remain the default choice for the next journey. Currently, Google Maps defaults to the mode of transportation that you used the last time that you leaned on the app for directions.

For example, let's say that you prefer walking from place to place. If you drove the last time that you used Google Maps, that is the mode of transportation that will be selected whenever you open the app. If Google pushes out the aforementioned update, you can select walking mode and that will be the default setting every time you need Google Maps giving you some extra time to enjoy some of the fun activities that Google recommends that you partake in when you arrive at point "B."
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