Update bricks some Google Home speakers on the Preview Program

Update bricks some Google Home speakers on the Preview Program
The original Google Home is admittedly aging, but some owners were in for a shock when a new update left their smart speakers malfunctioning or even dead. Google has yet to release an official statement for this particular problem, and the exact cause is unknown.

However, there are a few things that should give most users some peace of mind. Firstly, only a small number of devices have been affected. Furthermore, all of the owners of affected devices, who reported their problems across Google support threads and forums like Reddit, seem to be enrolled in the Preview Program.

The Preview Program is an early-access program for Nest, Home, and Chromecast devices. Google says it enables users to try out new features ahead of wider rollouts, but it’s still supposed to be stable, without the common drawbacks of beta programs. Nevertheless, your Google Home should be safe if you’re not part of the program.

For those that were enrolled, however, some have been facing connectivity issues, among other problems. In some cases, unplugging/replugging or a factory reset solves problems, while other report persisting issues despite attempted fixes.

Google has faced a similar problem in the past, where an update bricked some Google Home Minis. In that case, the company offered free replacements regardless of warranty status, so it might do the same if this latest outbreak remains unsolved. Hopefully, though, Google will be able to issue a quick fix over the air and get all the problematic devices up and running again.

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