Clean up your Gmail inbox to check out the new "Inbox Zero Graphic"

Clean up your Gmail inbox to check out the new "Inbox Zero Graphic"
Because most of us never take the time to completely clean out our Gmail inbox, we usually never get the opportunity to reach what is known as "Inbox Zero." With no email messages cluttering up your inbox, you are rewarded with a special illustration that Google recently revised. According to AndroidPolice, before the change, the image showed a cartoon drawing of a woman without eyes reading a book in the woods with the sun in the background.

Underneath the illustration, Google wrote "You've finished. Nothing in Primary." We guess that this drawing is not enough of an incentive to get Gmail users to do some landscaping and delete their old and unneeded Gmail.

It reminds this writer of a cereal bowl that yours truly once had as a kid. On the bottom of the bowl was an illustration of two popular (at the time) cartoon mice from television named Trixie and Dixie. To get to the drawing of the pair, you had to finish everything in the bowl giving you an incentive to eat all of your breakfast.

Looking for an image that might motivate Gmail subscribers into cleaning out their inbox, a new illustration can be found on the Gmail app. It consists of colorful boxes and rectangles that look like empty cubby holes. Underneath the image, Google wrote "You're all done. Nothing in Primary."

So get to work everyone and start getting rid of those junk emails, spam, dated messages, and more. Clear them all out and you'll see your reward.

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