This rugged Garmin smartwatch with 'infinite' battery life is on sale at a phenomenal price

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This rugged Garmin smartwatch with 'infinite' battery life is on sale at a phenomenal price
Garmin is infamous in the world of wearables, even despite the fact that it's more related to GPS tech than anything. Still, that GPS tech made quite the beautiful transition into the world of smartwatch tech and watches like the Garmin Instinct are testament to that. 

This watch is absolutely insane and you are bound to appreciate it twice as much if you are truly into smartwatches. Unlike your typical WearOS smartwatch, the Instinct can do all the typical things that you expect of it, but it also makes the most of an LCD display, which grants you extra batterry.

Well, technically, potentially infinite battery, because this watch can literally feed of the sun. Don't believe me? Sure, check this out then. And while you do that, make sure to notice the massive 43% discount due to Prime Day and act fast while supplies last! 

Garmin Instinct in Graphite off by 43%

This massive discount comes just in time! Get it, because it is a watch! And not just any smartwatch: the Garmin Instinct is rugged, beautiful, feature-packed, being able to DRAW POWER FROM THE SUN and simply put: one of the best watches you can get in 2023. If this has you sold, then act fast for this 43% Prime Day discount!

Garmin Instinct Crossover Solar

Rugged Hybrid Smartwatch with Analog Hands and Digital Monochrome Display, Solar Charging Capabilities, MIL-STD-810 Rated for Thermal and Shock Resistance, 10ATM Water Resistance, Heart Rate Monitor, Stress Tracking, Advanced Sleep Monitoring, Blood Oxygen Sensor, VO2 Max, Body Battery Energy, GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Android and iOS Compatibility, Graphite Color

Garmin Instinct Solar

Rugged Outdoor Smartwatch with Solar Charging Capabilities, Built-in Sports Apps, GPS, Bluetooth, Sunlight-Visible Monochrome Display with 128 x 128 Pixel Resolution, Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Case and Bezel, Power Glass Lens, Silicone Strap, 10 ATM Water Resistance, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Oxygen Sensor, Stress and Sleep Tracking, Body Battery Energy Monitor, Up to 54 Days of Battery Life, Graphite Color

But now Amazon is putting the spotlight on this "hybrid" alternative to the rugged Apple Watch Ultra with a new all-time low price. The e-commerce giant is currently charging (without an obligatory Prime membership) a cool 100 bucks under the usual $449.99 price of the Instinct Crossover Solar in a single graphite colorway.

If that doesn't sound like an earth-shattering discount, it's worth highlighting that this super-robust device with analog watch hands, a monochrome digital display, and solar charging functionality actually used to cost $549.99 back at launch, which Garmin evidently permanently marked down by $100 at some point in the last few months.

At its lower-than-ever price, the Garmin Instinct Crossover Solar absolutely shines in terms of battery life, promising to keep the lights on for up to 28 days between charges in a normal "smartwatch mode" while bumping that up to 70 days or even... forever with the help of the almighty sun.

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That's right, you can apparently squeeze "unlimited" use out of this bad boy with solar charging (given ideal outdoor lighting conditions) and a "battery saver watch mode" that will of course turn off or limit certain key features.

Although the Instinct Crossover Solar can't exactly rival the Apple Watch Ultra as far as screen quality, resolution, and color is concerned, its health monitoring capabilities are definitely nothing to scoff at, covering everything from heart rate to sleep quality, stress levels, blood oxygen, body battery energy, VO2 Max, recovery time, and a bunch of other indicators meant to help you improve your shape and physical resistance.

The hybrid smartwatch itself is resistant to a lot of challenges and elements ranging from water immersion to various types of shock and extreme temperatures, and given all that, you're not even looking at such a bulky or chunky device, with its weight standing at 65 grams and 16.2mm overall thickness. Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts on relatively tight budgets really can't do much better than this thing in terms of value for money, which is why you should probably hurry and pull the trigger before Amazon inevitably runs out of (discounted) inventory.

When that happens, the older, slightly less advanced, and significantly more affordable Garmin Instinct Solar (hold the "Crossover") can be a tremendous alternative at a huge $150 Amazon discount of its own with no Prime subscription required or any other strings attached whatsoever.

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