One charger for all your devices: meet the Kovol Sprint GaN chargers

One charger for all your devices: meet the Kovol Sprint GaN chargers
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It has come to the point that we often juggle multiple mobile devices in our daily lives. A laptop, a phone, a tablet, possibly a smartwatch, and who knows what else? When it’s time to charge, there’s always chaos — which plug was for what, do we have enough outlets, et cetera.

Then, there’s the fact that smartphones no longer ship with their own charger, so you have to go through the headache of picking the right one.

It only makes sense to just buy one fast-charging brick that has enough power and enough outputs to juice up all of your devices.

“That’ll surely be big and heavy”, one might think. But no — allow us to introduce the

Kovol Sprint GaN chargers

Kovol’s Sprint charging hubs are here to save the day. With two USB C and two USB A plugs per charger, you can easily and safely charge your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and an extra device.

They come in two flavors — a 120 W super-fast charger and a 65 W extra-compact charger.

Since they are both built with GaN technology, they can be rather small, yet powerful, with less heat dissipation than regular chargers, and multiple safeties in place.

Kovol Sprint 120 W GaN charger

Price: $99.99

The bigger charger here is ready to fast-charge your MacBook Pro 16” from 0% to 100% in about 1 hour and 40 minutes. It outputs 100 W of power if you only connect one device to one of its USB C outputs. If you connect two MacBooks to it, it will output 60 W to each of the two USB C plugs.

You can combine as many devices as you wish and the Sprint 120 W will intelligently allocate power so that devices are charged as quickly as possible, while being protected from over-current issues.

Since it’s a GaN charger, it won’t overheat, and the whole package is actually smaller than a laptop charger — it measures at 1.81 x 1.81 x 3.35 inches.

Shop Kovol Sprint 120 W here

Here are the possible connections and the output you will get with the Kovol Sprint 120 W

Kovol Sprint 65 W GaN charger

Price: $49.99

The 65 W version of the charger is slightly cheaper, slightly more compact, but still allows for multi-device quick charging.

Plugging in a MacBook Pro 15” to the Sprint 65 W will get you 100% of battery in two hours. Alternatively, the iPhone 13 — for example — will get juiced up at the appropriate 20 W power and reach 50% of charge in just half an hour.

The Sprint 65 W has the same over-current and short-circuit safeties in place and will also allocate power intelligently. Plugging in two powerful devices — like two MacBooks — will allocate 45 W to one output and 20 W to the other, on a first-come first-serve basis.

Needless to say, if you are in a household with 2 laptops, the Sprint 120 W will be the better choice. But, the Sprint 65 W is great for digital nomads, as it is even smaller — it measures at 1.61 x 1.61 x 2.99 in.

Shop Kovol Sprint 65 W here

Here are the possible connections:

For more information on Kovol, their products, and what they have in store — you can always visit the official Kovol website below:

Visit Kovol here

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