How to remove objects and people from photos with Galaxy S21?

Galaxy S21 magic editor: How to remove full objects from photos with Galaxy S21?
When announcing the Galaxy S21 series, Samsung showed off a powerful new feature, which is able to automatically remove an object or a person from a photo just with a fingertap. Basically, a full Photoshop edit in mere seconds, right at your fingertips.

But, if you are fiddling with a brand-new Galaxy S21 right now, you might be wondering — “Where is the Object Eraser tool?”

Good question! It is kind of hidden, since it’s still considered to be in “beta”. To activate the Galaxy S21 Object removal tool, do this:

  • Open image editor
  • Tap the triple-dot menu in the top-right
  • Select Samsung Labs
  • Activate Object Eraser here

Now that the option has been turned on, you can find Object Eraser in the image editor, at the very right of the options strip.

  • Open image editor
  • Look at the tools strip at the bottom
  • Scroll all the way to the right
  • The Object Eraser is at the very end

Using the Object Eraser is pretty easy in and of itself — you just tap the thing you want to remove from the photo and the Galaxy S21 will automatically detect it and highlight it.

How about the results? Well… it ain’t mind-blowing in any capacity. As you can see in our first sample here, deleting a person that is up front and close to the camera leaves a huge ghost, so no — you can’t use the tool to delete your ex from all your selfies.

But, in our second example, the effect isn’t that obvious. Since the focus of the photo is the duo of street musicians, deleting the person on the left doesn’t leave a dramatic smudge. In fact, I’d argue any viewer will have to be actively looking for the traces of tampering to spot the blotch. In other words — the photo is perfectly fine for social media.

In conclusion — the Object Eraser is by no means perfect and a talented Photoshop editor can definitely achieve better results… in a few hours of work. For what the Eraser does in mere seconds — it’s very impressive, both in its capability to accurately highlight object borders and the ability to generate fake background after the removal. Here’s hoping it gets even better when it’s out of the Samsung Labs stage!

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