Dear Microsoft, make a Windows 11 phone, rival Android and iPhone

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Dear Microsoft, make a Windows 11 phone, rival Android and iPhone
So I recently wrote an article about how well Windows has evolved to become a viable tablet operating system, and how because of that, and thanks to the Microsoft Surface's solid hardware, it has managed to replace my iPad.

A full-blown desktop operating system – Windows 11 – on a small, light and portable tablet with a built-in kickstand. Very convenient! But why don't we go a bit further?

Microsoft, take the Surface Duo and put Windows 11 on it

After failing to turn Windows Phone on the Nokia Lumia into an Android and iOS competitor, Microsoft made its return to the phone market in late 2019 with a unique Android phone – the Surface Duo. It's a beautifully-designed smartphone with two displays held together by a hinge.

But pretty and thin design aside, both the Duo and its successor – the Surface Duo 2 have been plagued with software bugs, with users claiming less than an ideal experience from those devices.

All that, despite Microsoft reportedly teaming up with Google to develop the Surface Duo's software, so… Why not go even more bold and skip on Android? Since Windows 11 works quite well on tablets, and is going to be running Android apps soon, why not modify it a bit further and put it on a smartphone?

Me and my colleague Mariyan were talking last week about how exciting a Surface Duo-like smartphone running Windows 11 would be. Finally, your phone could be your computer, with zero compromises!

Windows 11 seems about ready to power a smartphone

As a tablet enthusiast, I've been through countless iPads, Android tablets and Windows 10 (and now 11) ones.

Windows can be a good experience even on a small screen, and I've thought so since as far back as seven years ago, when I bought a small 7-inch Windows 10 tablet. It was basically phone-sized, yet even back then I enjoyed having a desktop PC experience that could fit in a pocket. Sure, the tablet was mostly a novelty for me, a plastic and fairly thick one, with big bezels. See it below:

But hardware has evolved since then. The components necessary to assemble a tablet or a phone have become smaller, the devices have gotten thinner, the screen bezels – smaller. And we know Microsoft is capable of creating beautiful, premium hardware. Exhibits A and B – Surface tablets and the Surface Duo smartphone.

There's no reason why Microsoft can't design a Surface Duo-sized smartphone, even without elaborate gimmicks like dual displays, or a design as thin. Put Windows 11 on it, along with cellular and 5G support, and a pre-installed Phone app.

A PC in your pocket – what do you think?

I'm one of those people that applaud Samsung for its DeX software, which can enable when users connect their phone to a display. When that happens, the phone switches from the default Android interface into DeX – a desktop-like one, with a taskbar, apps opening in windows and all. Theoretically great for productivity! However, it's still Android, and only runs Android apps.

Now imagine the same scenario, but instead of a phone operating system morphing to look like a desktop one, in an attempt to become your PC replacement, an actual desktop operating system will be doubling as your phone.

As a tech enthusiast, who's already very happy with Windows 11 on tablets, I believe the next logical step is Windows 11 on smartphones. But let us know – what do you think about this concept? Would you be on board? Or do you prefer computers and smartphones to remain as two separate devices?

Would you buy a Windows 11 smartphone?


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