Comcast internet down for many in the US

Comcast internet down for many in the US; AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon users also reporting issues
Update: As Xfinity services are starting to come back online, it has become clear that other services were not affected.

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Internet users across the United States are experiencing outages. Comcast Xfinity was seemingly the first to be affected and the issue seems to have also impacted TV service in Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, reports SlashGear

AT&T, Blazing Hog, FirstNet WiLine, Metronet, Spectrum, T-Mobile, and Verizon users are also experiencing issues. That indicates there is a single issue at play that has affected all these services. 

Chicago, where the problem was first reported, appears to be returning to normalcy, but the issue is now cropping up in other cities. Affected users took to Twitter to post about the issue, which seemingly reared its head at around 7 am on Tuesday in Chicago.

Xfinity still doesn't have an answer for why this is happening. Independent reports that company representatives asked users to check out the status page, but the internet problem meant most of them were unable to do that. That page includes tips for remedying such issues. Some were able to resolve it by resetting their modems.

Per the status page, the problem will be resolved by 10:49AM ET.
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