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Here are the two 5G ads that T-Mobile was allowed to broadcast during the Super Bowl

Here are the two 5G ads that T-Mobile was allowed to broadcast during the Super Bowl
Just the other day we showed you the commercial that T-Mobile was not allowed to air during the Super Bowl. The ad, which was actually quite hilarious, showed a fictitious phone call between Tamp Bay Quarterback Tom Brady and Tight End Rob Gronkowski that took place just after Brady decided to join the Buccaneers. Because Brady is using a "spotty" 5G network owned by a T-Mobile competitor, the meaning of Gronk's call is twisted thanks to the static that covers up some of the words that Gronkowski is saying. So when the QB acknowledged as the GOAT hears the call on his phone, the meaning of his friend and teammate's call is 180-degrees different than what Rob actually said.

T-Mobile's first aired commercial of Super Bowl 55 also featured a similar plot. At the heart of the spot is television's most famous and red hot bromance-the one between Maroon Five frontman Adam Levine and country music star Blake Shelton. If you watched any of the first 10 million seasons of The Voice, you know what we're talking about.

Shelton is currently engaged to pop superstar Gwen Stefani who receives a fictitious call from Levine in this ad. He is trying to set up Stefani and Shelton. Over T-Mobile's 5G network we can hear Gwen tell Adam that she's sick of LA guys and wants someone different-maybe from another country who is not threatened by a strong, confident woman. But poor Adam is using a rival 5G network and what he hears thanks to the poor connection, is Gwen saying, "I'm sick of LA guys. I want someone completely country, uncultured, and threatened by a strong confident woman." To which Adam replies, "I have your guy." You really have to be a fan of The Voice to understand the joke but if you are, it is quite funny.

Anthony Anderson and his mom return from last year's Super Bowl ads for the second and final spot aired during today's game. Instead of watching the drama of the big game, T-Mobile suggests that you can share your family's drama on T-Mobile. Both Anthony and his mom exchange insults while playing flag football while others stream the game using their phones. "With T-Mobile 5G you could call in a ringer," says the voice over announcer and Chiefs' Tight End Travis Kelce becomes a substitute on Team Mama helping them crush the competition "just like T-Mobile 5G."

Check out the two ads that aired during today's telecast of the game; they accompany this article.

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