The best hybrid smartwatches you can buy - our 2024 list

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The best hybrid smartwatches you can buy - our top picks
These days, everyone's jumping on the wearable tech bandwagon, and it's all about fitness bands and smartwatches. You see them everywhere, and honestly, they're pretty awesome. They do everything from flashing your notifications and letting you shoot off quick replies to calls, to keeping tabs on your heart rate, blood pressure, calories, and sleep patterns. But, here's the buzzkill – most smartwatches die out after just one day on a single charge.

No need to fret because there's a fix for this – enter the hybrid smartwatches. They're like the superhero of watches, giving you all the fancy smartwatch features but still rocking that classic watch vibe. The magic behind their marathon battery life is that they ditch the fancy full-color, full-size display. Instead, they opt for small monochrome displays or sometimes no display at all, saving a boatload of power. Smart move, eh?

Best hybrid smartwatches at a glance:

What is a hybrid smartwatch?

What if we were able to somehow make a watch that is still smart but lasts for months? Behold the hybrid smartwatch! This gadget is a crossbreed between a regular watch and its smart counterpart. Hybrid smartwatches are designed to look like regular watches but they pack a punch with all the smartwatch features you need. They can track your activity and sleep, give you notifications and even control your music. Plus, they have long battery life, some can even last up to 6 months on a single charge.

Granted, they sometimes lack some of the features that their smarter cousins have, but if you're willing to make that compromise, and in turn forget about charging your watch every night, then a hybrid watch might be the best choice for you. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best hybrid smartwatches you can get in 2024.

Whitings ScanWatch 2

Whitings has a long history of developing hybrid smartwatches and the pinnacle of all the experience is the ScanWatch 2. It's a hybrid smartwatch that boasts innovative and exclusive capabilities. It comes equipped with the TempTech24/7 module, enabling continuous monitoring of your body temperature fluctuations, along with heart rate measurements, including Afib detection, irregular heartbeat and in practice, all tracking features full-blown smartwatches have. 

And because this is a hybrid watch, it boasts an exceptional 30-day battery life. You can just wear it like a normal watch and enjoy all the metrics and statistics through the smartphone app. This is one of the best hybrid watches and it also comes at a great price.

Withings ScanWatch -

Hybrid Smartwatch with ECG, Heart Rate & Oximeter


  • Clean design
  • Solid battery life
  • User friendly app
  • Advanced health tracking features
  • Great sleep tracking


  • Tiny display not very useful
  • Fitness tracking features a bit lacking

Misfit Command

Misfit is currently owned by Fossil but that’s not a bad thing. The company was inspired by Apple’s slogan "Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes." Since its inception 10 years ago Misfit has gone a long way and now offers some really cool hybrid smartwatches.

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The Command features a very clean and simplistic design and boasts six months to a year battery life! That longevity comes at a price though. There’s no integrated heart rate monitor and no digital display, too. Notifications are actually a buzz on your wrist and sleep and activity tracking both rely on three accelerometers, so not super accurate. 

Nevertheless, Command’s battery life is unsurpassed by the competition, and its sleek looks might appeal to the traditionalists. It's also very affordable at $130.

Misfit Command

Stainless Steel and Silcone-Backed Leather Hybrid Smartwatch; Silver-Tone Blue


  • Eye-catching design
  • Record battery life (up to one year)
  • Affordable


  • Limited smart functionality
  • No integrated heart rate monitor

Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid

If you want a little more functionality out of your hybrid smartwatch this Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid might be the right choice. It features a dedicated heart rate sensor, it can track your workouts and sleep, and you also get notifications on the monochrome display - including email notifications, social media, text, and more. 

The watch sports an E-ink display with great visibility under direct sunlight. The Gen 6Hybrid also features customizable buttons, you can use it to control your music playback, and the watch is water-resistant with a 3ATM rating. It’s very stylish and you can use a wide range of 22mm bands with it. 

The battery lasts up to two weeks, which is expected considering the features onboard. The price of the Gen 6 Hybrid gravitates around the $200 mark but you can get one at a discounted price for as low as $130-140.

Fossil - Gen 6 Hybrid Smartwatch 44mm

Activity Tracking, Alarm, Amazon Alexa Built In


  • Classy design
  • Solid range of smart features
  • E-ink display


  • Not the most intuitive to use

Skagen Jorn Hybrid

Scandinavian style meets modern smartwatches. Skagen is known for its stylish and not-too-expensive watches but the company now ventures into the hybrid smartwatch territory, especially after the acquisition by Fossil. The Skagen Connected is a minimalist-looking device, you won’t be able to tell that it hides some smart features inside just by looking at it.

The watch can track your activities, as well as your sleep but the lack of a dedicated heart rate monitor is a big minus here. Notifications are just a buzz on your wrist, as this watch doesn’t sport a display at all. Sleep tracking relies on the gyroscope but it’s surprisingly accurate. 

The other big plus is the battery life - you can get up to 6 months out of the Skagen Connected. The price is also very attractive. If you’re looking for a more classic look with a pinch of smart functionality added, this model is a good choice.

Skagen Jorn Hybrid

Men's Hagen Stainless Steel and Leather Hybrid Smartwatch


  • Stylish Danish design
  • 6 months battery life
  • Goog sleep tracking


  • Limited smart features
  • No display

Garmin Vivomove HR

The Vivomove HR is an immensely popular hybrid smartwatch from Garmin. There are a couple of reasons for this popularity. First, the watch is really stylish and sleek - there are lots of options regarding size and band colors. 

Second, this model packs a lot of punch with features such as music controls and smart notifications for incoming calls, text messages, calendar reminders, and more. The Vivomove HR is a full-fledged sports smartwatch capable of tracking steps, calories, distance, heart rate, intensity minutes, and VO2 max. 

There’s one downside to this - battery life. If you use all the smart features all the time this watch will last 5 days on a single charge. It’s not bad by any means but the Vivomove HR can’t compete with the Misfits and ScanWatches.

Garmin vivomove HR,

Hybrid Smartwatch for Men and Women, Onyx Black with Light Tan Suede Band


  • Great fitness tracking
  • Lots of smart features
  • Design options


  • Tiny touchscreen difficult to read
  • Battery life not record setting

Kronaby Hybrid

The Kronaby Hybrid is another take on the luxury watch with hidden smart capabilities. The company comes from Sweden, and it offers a really classy look and quality materials in this model.

This watch uses a CR3032 coin cell that lasts for two years before you need to replace it. Along with the usual stealth activity tracking that's going on under the hood the Kronaby has some smart features that many full-fledged smartwatches are missing. You have a camera shutter control for your smartphone, for example. 

There are filtered notifications you can recieve on the watch, you can reject calls, control your music, use the "Find my phone" feature, use navigation features such as Walk me home, and Remember this spot.

You also get water resistance up to 100m, a stainless steel body, and a sapphire crystal on the watchface. All this comes at a very reasonable price.

Mens Kronaby Sekel 41 Bluetooth Hybrid Watch


  • 2-year battery life
  • Smart features
  • Premium materials
  • Good price


  • Sometimes can be hard to get
  • Not a well-known brand

Mondaine Helvetica 1

We’re now venturing into the Swiss-made territory. The Mondaine Helvetica 1 hybrid smartwatch focuses on design, precision, and status. It’s the first Swiss smartwatch and as such, it features stunning design, amazing build quality, and a premium price tag, of course.

Featuring MotionX technology this watch will pair with your Android or iOS phone and will track your daily activity, just don’t expect any smart features out of the watch itself. Everything is done via the connected app on your smartphone.

There’s no heart rate monitor, no digital display, and no notifications but on the other hand, the battery life is about two years and you get a real Swiss premium watch.

Mondaine Smartwatch Helvetica No.1

Swiss Made, Black Leather Strap, Silver Stainless Steel Case, Silver Dial


  • Absolutely stunning design
  • Swiss quality
  • Battery life measured in years


  • Expensive
  • Not the smartest one out there

Frederique Constant Horological

If the Helvetica isn't enough to satisfy your premium cravings, there's the Frederique Constant Horological hybrid smartwatch. Beware, this one will set you back almost 2 grand but if you're into luxury watches, you're already familiar with the fact as well with the Swiss brand. 

This beauty relies on the same MotionX platform as the Helvetica 1 model, so expect the same capabilities - step counting, activity, and sleep tracking, and lack of notifications of any sorts.

There’s no heart rate sensor on board, no GPS, no display - actually, the Frederique Constant Horological is an expensive and luxury Swiss watch with a step counter baked in it. The connected app tries its best to estimate burned calories or sleep habits from the tiny data input and often it does a decent job. 

This model is for watch aficionados who want to keep track of how many steps they take in their Armani suits. Nothing wrong with that.

Frederique Constant Men's Analogue Quartz Watch with Leather Strap


  • Premium Swiss design
  • Good fitness tracking
  • Battery life measured in years


  • Expensive
  • Limited smart features

Withings Scan Watch Light

The ScanWatch Light offers most of the features its big brother offers but for a fraction of the price. It can track your heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep, steps, and other fitness activities 24/7, and it comes with the same 30-day battery life that will allow you to get on with your life and forget about charging the watch every day (looking at you, Apple).

Of course, there are compromises made with the Light, in order to get the price down, and you can tell by the name, as well. You're left with the basic stuff such as heart rate, steps, sleep, and various basic workouts. There's no ECG or Afib detection but for all intents and purposes, this hybrid watch will get the basic job done at a reasonable price.


  • Premium design
  • Great battery life
  • 24/7 health and fitness tracking


  • Limited edition not available in the US (yet)
  • Limited health data
  • No ECG data and Afib detection

What are the benefits of using a hybrid smartwatch?

Hybrid smartwatches have some pretty sweet pros over their smarter relatives, like:

  • Longer battery life: You don't have to charge them as often as regular smartwatches because they use smaller/or no displays and consume less power.
  • Traditional look: They look like regular watches, so you can rock one at a fancy event without feeling out of place.
  • Smartwatch features: They still have all the cool features of a regular smartwatch like tracking your activity and sleep, getting notifications and controlling your music.
  • Affordable: They're often cheaper than regular smartwatches, so you can get the perks without spending a ton of cash.
  • Durable: They're usually more sturdy than regular smartwatches, so you don't have to worry as much about scratches and other damage.
  • Stylish: They come in a bunch of different designs, styles and colors, so you can find one that fits your personal style.

What should you consider when buying a hybrid smartwatch?

When buying a hybrid smartwatch, there are several things to consider to ensure that you get the best one for your needs. 

  • First and foremost: battery life. After all, that's why you're getting a hybrid smartwatch in the first place. Make sure to check the battery life of the hybrid watch before buying it. 
  • Then comes compatibility, and while most hybrid watches are compatible with Android and iOS phones, you should double check, so there are no nasty surprises.
  • Of course, check the features that the hybrid watch has onboard, if sleep tracking is vital to you, then pick one with that feature, and the same goes for fitness tracking, notifications, etc. 
  • Price is also quite important and can't be excluded from the list of factors to consider. Buying a hybrid watch can set you back a wide range of money - from $200-300 up to thousands of dollars if you want to get something swiss-made.
  • Last but not least - design. Another cool benefit of hybrid watches is that they look like fancy, expensive, mechanical watches. You can get one that will turn heads and elevate your style, while at the same time take care of all your smart necessities. 

How to decide between a hybrid watch and a smartwatch?

When deciding between a hybrid smartwatch and a regular smartwatch, consider your priorities and needs. 

Ask yourself questions like: 
  • How important is battery life to me? 
  • Do I prefer the traditional look of a watch or am I okay with it looking more like a digital device on my wrist? 
  • What features do I need or want from my watch? 
  • How often do I upgrade my devices? 
  • How much am I willing to spend? 

Answering these questions will help you determine which type of smartwatch is the best fit for you.


This concludes our list but finding the best hybrid smartwatch in a never ending quest. The job is done for now but not dusted, as new models are popping up like mushrooms on the virtual meadow.  The list isn't as long as a typical smartwatch list of the same kind but you still have some pretty decent options. Given that the battery technology is still the week link in today's electronics, opting for hybrid watches can be the best of both worlds - the style, the longevity, and the added features.

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