Apple brings back "The Underdogs" for a third video promoting its devices

Apple brings back "The Underdogs" for a third video promoting its devices
It was back in 2019 when Apple introduced us to a motley group of characters working as packaging designers at a company run by a taskmaster SVP named Vivienne. The team, which Apple named "The Underdogs" is led by perky, wide-eyed Bridget and includes Dave (the harried elder statesman of the group), Brian (the accidental genius), and Marie (the grounded team member with common sense).

The video was created to show how Apple products can be used in an office environment as the team is working on the production of a round pizza box. To create one, the team relies on Apple devices like the iPhone, Mac iPad, and the Apple Watch.

By the time the sequel arrived in July 2020, the world had changed. Thanks to COVID, people were working from home and Apple wanted to show how its devices could continue to keep the wheels of business turning even with offices shuttered. Relying on their Apple products and certain features (such as the ability to scan a document in the iPhone's Notes app, and using the Measure app to check out the dimensions of a box), the team completes its task in time to present it to the client-virtually, of course.

Apple officially made the series a trilogy today by releasing the team's third video "Escape from the Office." This time, our heroes have had enough of Vivienne, and just when they are about to return to the office after working from home, they decide to quit and produce a new type of paper bag.

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Once again armed with Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch, the team is now working for themselves in a business with (ahem) paper-thin margins. Will they succeed? After a rocky start, things take off in a big way for our fab four leading Vivienne to make an offer to buy their new company. We don't want to give away the ending, so make sure you watch the clip.

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If this is indeed the last video of the series, Apple should consider turning it into a sitcom for Apple TV+. The cast is likable and even though the videos released thus far have been self-serving ads for Apple devices, they have become quite popular. The previous video drew nearly 33 million views on YouTube.

Apple, if you're reading this...

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