Apple Watch Series 7 sends a user to the ER, but not for the reason you're thinking!

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Apple Watch Series 7 sends a user to the ER, but not for the reason you're thinking!
The Apple Watch has sent a user to the ER. Ok, that is nothing special you might think. After all, the smartwatch is credited with saving several lives. But this time, things are different. This time, instead of alerting a user about a rapidly beating heart, or a potentially fatal heart rhythm, an Apple Watch Series 7 blew up after overheating and smoking.

The user spoke with 9to5Mac and explained that he first felt that the watch was getting hotter than usual. Looking at the back of the timepiece, he noticed that the back had cracked and the display showed a warning that the temperature of the watch was too high and it would need to shut down to cool off. This led to a call placed with Apple Support where the customer eventually was connected with a manager who opened an investigation.

The manager told the Apple Watch user not to touch the watch until he heard from Apple. But the next morning, the situation was even worse. The watch was even hotter leading the display to crack. The watch owner then picked up the device in order to snap some pictures of it for Apple and it started making crackling sounds. So he tried to toss it out the window when the device exploded leaving burn marks on his couch.

The user, worried about lead poisoning, ran to the emergency room even though the Apple Watch does not contain enough lead to poison someone. After being cleared and released, the user once again contacted Apple and was told that his issue was a "top priority" and that he would hear from Apple this Monday. However, Apple didn't get back to him until yesterday (which was Wednesday).

Apple arranged to have the watch picked up so that it could be examined in its labs. But it wanted its customer to sign a document that would have required him to keep quiet about the incident. He would not sign the document and instead, he spoke to 9to5Mac about what happened.

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A video of the incident can be viewed on YouTube only because of the language heard in the clip. You can view it here.

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