Update to Apple Store app improves your chances of getting gifted an Apple device you want

Update to Apple Store app improves your chances of getting gifted an Apple device you want
Sure, you know all about the App Store on your iPhone because, well, that is where you go shopping for apps. But did you know that there is an Apple Store app? This is where you go to buy Apple products. The app saves you from having to use a mobile browser on your iPhone to visit AppleStore.com. The Apple Store app (again, not to be confused with the App Store app) will allow you to make purchases from the online Apple Store while recommending certain Apple products to you based on the Apple devices you already own.

The app will also show you which accessories are compatible with the Apple products that you already own and will sign you up for a hands-on session at a physical Apple Store. You can even use the app to upgrade to a new iPhone if that is something that you are looking to do. While the Apple Store app is pre-installed on the iPhone, in case it has been somehow uninstalled, it can be downloaded from the App Store by tapping on this link.

Spotted by MacRumors, version 5.19 of the Apple Store app is now available in the App Store and contains the latest updates. This includes the ability to share your saved list of Apple products that you're interested in owning with friends and family. This way, if you're lucky and have generous friends and family members, you might be gifted that Apple device you really want. Your list of saved items will now be accessible from more places on the app.

And with version 5.19 of the Apple Store app, you can work with others to create a shopping list for friends and family. The update also will deliver more information about all of the Apple Store locations and their surroundings. This is the first update for the Apple Store app since November when version 5.18 was released. That update allowed iPhone users to have Memoji engraved on the AirPods or AirPods Pro. This is available exclusively through the Apple Store app.

Interestingly, the Apple Store app has garnered only a 3.5-star rating from users.

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