Apple outs half-baked iCloud Passwords Chrome extension for Windows

Apple outs half-baked iCloud Passwords Chrome extension for Windows
Besides the clunky iTunes sync software, and iCloud for Windows, Apple's app effort on Windows is a barren wasteland. It's been this way since times immemorial, mainly for the lack of trying than anything else, as Apple wants you to do stuff on Macs. 

With Tim Cook at the helm, however, the walled garden sometimes ventures out of its box, giving us alternative browser and keyboards on the iPhone, and now a half-bakediCloud Passwords Chrome extension.

How to use the Apple iCloud Passwords Chrome extension for Windows

The Chrome extension is supposed to automagically keeps tabs on and use the "same strong Safari passwords you create on your Apple device, with Chrome on Windows." Unfortunately, it requires iCloud 12 for Windows which still hasn't posted to the Microsoft App Store, so the extension doesn't really do what Apple explains in its description:

As you can see, the feature is mainly introduced so you can log into your favorite places with the same ease on Windows as well as on the Mac, regardless of which machine you prefer or have to use at the moment.

However, as with most things Apple for Windows, it's either prematurely released, as Cupertino outed the iCloud Passwords Chrome extension on the hush-hush, or not a big thought has gone into making it, considering that you still need a yet-to-be-published version of Windows iCloud, and that piece of software is not very well executed to begin with.


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