Apple Arcade exclusive Wylde Flowers is a cozy life and farming sim with a twist

Apple Arcade exclusive Wylde Flowers is a cozy life and farming sim with a twist
If you’ve read our previous report about what’s coming to Apple Arcade this month, then you’re probably aware that Wylde Flowers is out today. Exclusively available on Apple Arcade, Wylde Flowers is a cozy life and farming sim with a twitchy twist.

Although it will most certainly require a little bit of grinding, Wylde Flowers also promises “a heartfelt story that blends farming with magic and personal discovery,” and I’m here for it. In Wylde Flowers, you’ll be stepping into the shoes of a young lady named Tara, who has just moved to a rural island to help out her grandma and the family farm.

What sets this game apart from other similar titles is that Wylde Flowers is fully voiced (English) with a cast including BAFTA award winning actors. Did I mention that the game features no less than 30 characters, each with their own intriguing backstories? More intriguing is the fact that the game allows players to romance some of the characters if they wish so.

Obviously, voice-acting can only do so much for a game, so if the gameplay loop isn’t enjoyable, people will move on to the next release. So, to make it rather unique, the folks at Studio Drydock added a fun little twist to the “FarmVille” formula.

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While you’ll do all the stuff required when you’re running a farm, such as tending crops, care for animals, fish, craft and more throughout the day, by night you’ll be turning into a little witch. During the night, you’ll be doing totally different activities like fly your broomstick, learn to brew potions, control the weather and seasons or even transform into a cat.

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It is indeed a twitchy twist that might make the difference between another FarmVille clone and an original game with some FarmVille elements. Visually, Wylde Flowers does look charming, and the world of diverse folks and magical spells seems feels like a lot of fun.

Anyway, that’s Wylde Flowers for you, a life simulation game that caters to Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing fans, although there’s a lot in it for FarmVille fans too. For those of you who already have an Apple Arcade subscription, the game is now available for download, and it won’t cost a dime. Just be sure not to become addicted because that will cost you a lot more (hint: your time!). Also, this will be coming to PC and console too.

New content updates arriving this week

In other news, there’s a bunch of new content updates on Apple Arcade for LEGO Star Wars Battles, Zookeper World, Zen Pinball Party, and Super Stickman Golf 3+. You can find all the details below:

  • LEGO Star Wars Battles - Season 6 kicks off with Maz Kanata as the host.
  • Zen Pinball Party - Biolab – a classic Zen Studios original pinball table – has arrived. Rescue creatures and unravel the mystery of the missing cookies in the Mad Scientist's high-tech genetic laboratory or chase down the tricky Pinball Wizard with a friend in seasonal Community Events, a new co-op game mode.
  • Zookeeper World - Check out 25 new puzzle stages and new mini-game content including new arcade game machines.
  • Super Stickman Golf 3+ - The update includes a new course pack with five new permanent courses added to the game.

Another Apple Originals coming next week

Don’t forget that we’ll be getting another Apple Originals title next week, Gibbon: Beyond the Trees, an ecological adventure about freedom and survival. This time around players will take the role of a lost gibbon and try to master a dynamic movement system to swing, slide and somersault through the jungle.

Long story short, Gibbon: Beyond the Trees plays like an adventure game with platformer elements, so expect both a narrative that “captures the struggle of living creatures around the world,” and some fun-tastic swinging from tree to tree. We’ll be talking more about this when the game goes live next Friday, so stick around for more Apple Arcade news.

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