The most unstable Android and iPhone apps that crash often are very popular

Some of the most unstable Android apps that crash the most are its most popular
The most unstable Android and iPhone apps that crash the most often and have the most user complaints are actually those of industry stalwarts like Facebook or Tinder, reveals a Uswitch research. 

They analyzed the most popular apps out there and ranked them by number of reported outages per one million downloads in any given month, as well as by more tangential evidence such as user reports and ratings, or Google searches reporting an outage for the respective app.

Popular apps that crash the most often

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • McDonalds
  • Tinder
  • Uber
  • Discord
  • Amazon
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • Twitch
  • Telegram
  • Gmail
  • Snapchat

Somewhat unsurprisingly, given that it has been a battery and resource hog since inception, the most unstable app they ranked which crashes most often, turned out to be Facebook. Facebook is notorious for occupying a lot of memory, hogging plenty of background tasks, and causing general system malaise with all the content refresh and notification processes going on at any given time, not to mention its parent company's constant snooping and invasive ad practice scandals that undoubtedly contribute to the resource-hungry nature of the Facebook app.

Somewhat surprisingly, however, the second most unreliable app is Google's star YouTube, which had the most down queries last year. Needless to say, YouTube is such a popular and indispensable app that people flock to searching about a potential outage even during the briefest of them, but still.

When it comes to actual reported issues, crashes, and outages per million downloads, however, the undisputed king is Twitter. The app is so unstable on Android or iOS, that it logged the whopping 195 reported app issues per each million of monthly downloads, the highest of all popular apps examined, so Elon Musk better take note and clean up its coding act.

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The most stable apps

On the other hand, the Uswitch methodology for finding the most unreliable app has allowed it to also identify the most stable apps on Android and iOS. The video conferencing app Zoom has grabbed the title of the most reliable app with the least amount of crashes or complaints. 

This is somewhat explicable given that Zoom has to maintain a stable video call footage via a sometimes limited connection and has to make sure no task killer freezes and crashes it while you are on an important call. Still, other apps have to maintain a similar standard of service but can't so kudos to the Zoom app coders. 

For instance, "Zoom received an average of 120 Google queries a month relating to the app being down last year, almost six times less than the number of queries Netflix received," says the report.

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