Amazon has some of the best SanDisk microSD cards and other storage products on sale today

Amazon has some of the best SanDisk microSD cards and other storage products on sale today
Between the advent of cloud storage and the rise of high-end phones with outright insane internal digital hoarding capabilities, the need for external methods to stash content of various types seems to have declined in recent years. But prices on memory cards, flash drives, internal and external SSDs, external hard drives, and other storage products have also been dropping like crazy.

As such, even if you don't necessarily need any of the aforementioned items, it's probably a good idea to be prepared just in case. In case you do eventually manage to fill up your handset's 128GB, 512GB, or 1TB hoarding space or if you decide to purchase a more affordable 32GB model next and rely on the cloud and a blazing fast microSD card for anything exceeding that mark.
Just in case well-reviewed memory cards from reputable brands like SanDisk didn't feel inexpensive enough, Amazon is holding yet another big sale on a bunch of that stuff. A 256GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card with up to 100 MB/s transfer read speeds, for instance, is available at an unprecedented discount of $18.50, representing a whopping 37 percent off its list price.
If you need something faster that can handle higher-quality photos and 4K UHD videos, the SanDisk Extreme lineup is naturally costlier, although a trio of substantial discounts bring the 64, 128, and 400GB models down to new all-time low prices of their own. You're looking at savings of between $5 and $164 (!!!), equating to list price reductions of up to 68 percent.
Meanwhile, if you'd rather store or back up your content on a flash drive, two SanDisk iXpand variants designed specifically for iPhones and iPads and a 256GB Ultra Dual Drive for Android devices and computers are also on sale at up to 30 percent off. The Ultra Dual Drive comes with both microUSB and USB 3.0 connectors, promising to transfer files to a PC at up to a 150 MB/s speed. The iXpand (available in 128 and 256 gig capacities) boasts similarly impressive USB 3.0 numbers and a diminutive size, automatically backing up your photos and videos at plugin.
All these deals (and several more on full-sized memory cards, SSDs, HDDs, and regular flash drives) are good today only on Amazon until midnight Pacific Time.



1. splus

Posts: 160; Member since: Nov 26, 2011

A sale article without the actual sale link??

2. middlehead

Posts: 456; Member since: May 12, 2014

They've been doing it for months now. It's not so bad when it's something like BestBuy or B&H with clear product pages, but it's terrible with Amazon that might have 30 sellers with the item and only one of them is offering the deal. I don't know if it's particular writers, but that'd explain it.

3. Valdomero

Posts: 677; Member since: Nov 13, 2012

I've seen on Amazon these cards are counterfeit, many customers are mad about that.

4. vgking9699

Posts: 194; Member since: Mar 01, 2019

That’s true about most electronics on Amazon Even many of android phones sold on amazon end up being fake or have major issues when you actually read people’s reviews after they bought the phones

5. vgking9699

Posts: 194; Member since: Mar 01, 2019

Funny how people like to laugh at apples $130 price for their battery cases cuz they see cheap ones on amazon Well their are typically all from China and I recently returned 4 to amazon due to them turning on cuz the blue lights came on, but didn’t provide any power to the phones Amazon is the worst place to buy any electronics, especially ones from China

6. KingSam

Posts: 1448; Member since: Mar 13, 2016

I bough a Samsung evo 128gb for $20 and a sandisk extreme 64gb for my camera for $16 last month Without a sale. These are somewhat standard prices.

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