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Zombie Smasher brings its zombie cutepocalypse to Windows Phone

Posted: , posted by Luis D.

Zombie Smasher, a game about swatting zombies like flies with your finger, is out now for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. Previously available on Android and iOS, the game looks and plays exactly the same, and is also free. For some reason, though, the Windows 8.1 version costs a dollar and a half.

Playing the game is as simple as it sounds. See zombie, touch with finger. There goes the undead fiend! To up the challenge, you'll have to watch out for the little humans that wander around and scream in horror as the cute zombies wreak cute urban havok. Zombies will always eat your brains, no matter how cartoonish they look. Also, the developers say that you shouldn't touch the kids from the neighborhood – presumably with a deadpan expression.

Content-wise, Zombie Smasher has 60 levels, Survival and Time modes, along with seven breeds of zombies. Some of them require special finger movements to be gotten rid of, so it's up to you to train your fingers for the impending zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Smasher is available from the links below:

Download: Windows Phone (free) | Windows Store ($1.49)

via WMPowerUser

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