Ybuy lets you try out the new iPad 30 days for $24.95

Ybuy lets you try out the new iPad 30 days for $24.95
Aptly named Ybuy is a new website that allows you to try electronics and appliances before you pay full price for owning them. You can select from a decent catalog of new household appliances or gadgets, and test them extensively over a period of 30 days, against the fee you pay Ybuy, then you can just return the gizmo, if it doesn't roll the way you expected it to.

According to CEO Stephen Svajian: "For most consumers, when it comes to electronics or products for the home, the idea is that they want to test the product out first".

You can try one product at a time, then return it to the company, where it gets cleaned or refurbished, if needed, then eventually sent to another subscriber, for a flat fee of $24.95 a month. The site is still working out the kinks, and some of the hottest contraptions come with a delay - for example, you can sign up for test driving the new iPad right now, but it will be sent to you April 1, and that's if you jump on the Ybuy bandwagon today.

source: Ybuy via CNET


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