Yap says Americans hate voicemail

Yap says Americans hate voicemail
We need to preface this study by pointing out that Yap has an agenda. Yap offers a voicemail-to-text service, so it's in their best interest to paint voicemail as an antiquated and inefficient tool. Then again, people of any age are learning to prefer text messaging and email to lengthy voice communication.

Americans spend one billion hours per year managing their voicemail. The study found that cellular users are overwhelmingly annoyed with the process. Thirty-eight percent of respondents noted long and rambling messages as their primary complaint. We all have that family member or friend that leaves long-winded speeches in our voicemail. But we have to listen to the whole thing to make sure there wasn't something important at the end.

Another 15% cited the touch-tone menus as their primary complaint. Luckily for many, visual voicemail eliminates this part of the process. Thirteen percent complained that they had to grab paper and a pencil to write down the message, 12% complained that they felt obligated to call the person back, and 10% complained that they couldn't listen to messages in meetings or noisy environments.

We have to agree. Voicemail is a great means of communicating personal messages, but brief notes and long point-by-point ideas are much more effectively done over SMS or email. Particularly as more Americans adopt smartphones, we should feel more comfortable simply emailing each other.

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I forgot one more thing. I also sent a voice message to her home phone before the text message incident and Sprint converted that into a voice message that she could respond too. I don't know how Sprint did it. But It worked in both instances!!!

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Do you have something called voice sms? It lets you record a voice message and send it to an sms capable cellphone without talking to the person. Sprint has this service on some of their phones and Nextel has the say a command feature. It is real easy to use on a Nextel phone with the say a command feature. You can also say, send text Mary and then start typing and then hit send. That's it. I use it all the time. I don't have any problems at all. I made a mistake and used say a command to send a voice message to my mom. I accidentally sent it to her home phone. Sprint somehow converted my text message to a voice message and rang her home phone. It read my text back to my mom and asked her if she wanted to respond by pressing a corresponding key. She did and Sprint sent her response back to me in a voice message. Hey Sprint? Thanks for doing that..because you didn't have to do that. You could have sent a failed message code. This is why I like Sprint!!!

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