Xiaomi might not attend MWC at all

Xiaomi might not attend MWC at all
Last year, at Mobile World Congress, Xiaomi gave us the Mi 5 flagship. Naturally, since reports about the Mi 6 started popping up, alongside rumors about the Mi MIX EVO, we assumed that Xiaomi will present at least one of those devices at MWC in Barcelona next month.

However, according to a report from TechCrunch, this will not be the case, as Xiaomi will not attend MWC at all. This certainly explains why Hugo Barra decided to leave the company right before such an important event. It appears that Xiaomi will not need Barra for Barcelona, since the company won't be there at all.

However, even if Xiaomi doesn't attend MWC, it still might announce the Mi 6 or the Mi MIX EVO during the show, just not at the Barcelona stage. If it does, it could potentially steal the spotlight from some of the less-known attendees of MWC, depending on the announcement's timing. This certainly gives Xiaomi some more flexibility, but could also mean less exposure for its event.

Of course, all of this is based on assumptions and we can't know for sure what the “Apple of China” is planning, and whether it has something to do with Barra's departure from the company or not. We've reached out to Xiaomi to confirm (or deny) their absence from MWC, and we will update this information as soon as we get a response.

via TechCrunch

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