Xiaomi: We've shipped more than 6 million Mi Bands

Xiaomi: We've shipped more than 6 million Mi Bands
A Xiaomi spokesman says that as of June 10th, the company has shipped more than 6 million units of the Xiaomi Mi Band. The company partnered with start-up firm Huami to produce the fitness tracker, which is priced at the equivalent of $12 USD. Not only does the Mi Band track your workouts, it also measures your sleep to make sure that you're getting enough rest. Equipped with a power efficient Bluetooth chip, the device gets as much as 30 days on a charge, and also can act as an alarm clock.

Thanks to the Mi Band, IDC says that Xiaomi is now the second largest wearable vendor in the world with 24.6% of the market. And that percentage should grow with the release of a rumored Xiaomi smartwach. Also produced in partnership with Huami, the Xiaomi smartwatch is expected to feature a round dial and will be slimmer than the average intelligent timepiece. Both Xiaomi President Lin Bin and VP of global operations Hugo Barra say that the user experience on the Xiaomi smartwatch will be the best. Of course, they might be a wee bit biased.

Back in March, a report speculated that Xiaomi is working on a sequel to the Mi Band. Can you guess what the name will apparently be? If you said Xiaomi Mi Band 2, pat yourself on the back. Apparently, the only difference between the sequel and the OG model will be a NFC chip stuffed inside the sequel.

via: XiaomiToday

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