Would you like Samsung to trim down TouchWiz UI?

Would you like Samsung to trim down TouchWiz UI?
Earlier this week, a report from Korea had it that Samsung would trim down its TouchWiz UI in upcoming products, aiming to “get rid of unnecessary functions and simplify” the interface “at the level of Google's Nexus 6.”

As you surely know, over the years TouchWiz UI has been a very important part of Samsung’s Android experience. While some users are liking the UI, others don’t, arguing that it’s too heavy, offering unnecessary features, and often making devices slower than they should be (even in the case of ultra-powerful smartphones like the Galaxy Note 4).

The first relevant handset to benefit from the alleged trimmed down TouchWiz UI is supposed to be the Galaxy S6, which could be announced by Samsung in March.

We’re curious to know if you, our readers, believe that Samsung should indeed simplify TouchWiz, or if things are OK as they are now. While the poll below keeps things simple, with Yes and No as answers, you’re free to share your take on the matter in the comments section.

Would you like Samsung to trim down TouchWiz UI?



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