Worms 4 hits the Google Play Store priced at $2.49

Remember when you and your friends used to spend hours in a row trying to one-up each other at Worms? As it turns out the funny warrior characters are back in a new, mobile-first title.

Worms 4 - originally launched on iOS back in November - has just landed on the Google Play Store and can be all yours for $2.49, although a few in-app purchases are also available. The mechanics of the game, while slightly modified in ways we're about to explore, remain largely unchanged: navigate two-dimensional levels in a turn-based tempo, stay safe, blow up enemies, have fun.

In the original Worms titles, each team consisted out of five funny worms, but the number went down to four in the mobile ports. In Worms 4, the developers restricted that number to only three members. We imagine that some of the old-school players are going to question this decision, but we should also consider that multiplayer games are shorter this way, which is something that many will perceive as an advantage.

Outside the mechanics department, another element that has changed is the theme of the graphics, which are a bit more cartoonish compared to the previous installments in the series. Check out the screenshots below for a first-hand impression.

If single-player mode, you'll make your way through 80 distinct levels. The points that you earn as you as you progress will come in handy for unlocking new, better weapons to blaze through your enemies.

In the tradition of the series, the weapons range from firearms to exploding sheep and on to some wacky items such as a human version of the Hailey comet. Of course, the ultimate weapon remains a finger push off a cliff, but you'll have to position yourself very well to make this happen.

Single player is great for learning the game and as a steady supply of coins, but everyone knows that the real fun happens online. Unfortunately, however, it looks like some users are having problems with this component of the game. On the upside, you can ask for a refund if you're unsatisfied of how the game behaves on your device.

If this is the first time you're hearing about worms on Android or iOS, then you've got some catching up to do as ported versions of the old games have been available in the corresponding app stores for quite a while now.

source: Play Store


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