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Workaround discovered for Google Pixel audio issue


It was just a couple of days ago when we told you that a gentleman by the name of Mark Buckman had gone through four Google Pixel XL's  because of a problem with the audio on all of the units. At high volume levels, the sound was distorted and full of static. To prove this, Buckman posted a video of his latest Pixel XL unit playing the Perfect Piano app. The distortion was easy to hear and showed up on two other Pixel XL models, and on his wife's Google Pixel as well. Meanwhile, on the Nexus 6, the sound was not distorted even when the app was playing at the highest levels of volume.

Buckman posted this morning that he is now on his fifth Pixel XL, and has discovered something of a workaround for those who have experience flashing custom ROMs on their rooted Android handsets. With the Pixel and Pixel XL, Buckman discovered that unlocking the bootloader, installing the TWRP recovery image, and flashing WETA audio (found on the sourcelink) will take care of the problem. He uploaded a video of the workaround, which you can view by clicking on the video at the top of this story.

This is a little complex for your average workaround, and you could end up losing your warranty. Instead, you might want to wait for Google to disseminate a software update. Now that the issue has been acknowledged by the company, a fix could be soon on the way.

source: WETAAudio, MarkBuckman via Reddit
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