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Wireless charging standard set to be completed within 6 months

Wireless charging standard set to be completed within 6 months
Slowly and steadily, wireless inductive charging has slowly crept into the way we charge our mobile devices. Handsets like the Palm Pre really opened it up into the spotlight thanks to its revolutionary Touchstone charger. Not only does its name embody its functionality, but does it in an elegant manner so it doesn’t seem too mechanical. There are other accessories that utilize this form of charging, but there is little when it comes to having one set standard. It would even frustrate consumers who initially purchase a product to only find it not compatible with a newer version of their phone – requiring them to purchase yet another accessory. The Wireless Power Consortium has indicated a turn time of 6 months before adopting a standardized specification for wireless power. This would ensure a variety of devices to meet a specific guideline so there won’t be any inconsistencies among makers.  Once it’s in place, products that are compliant will carry the consortium’s “Qi” logo – meaning life force in Chinese. This growing trend will only expand in the coming years and the timing to have the standard set in place is only fitting.

source: Network World via Phonescoop


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