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WireFly now offering all available AT&T devices for free

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WireFly now offering all available AT&T devices for free
Free is always good, but sometimes there isn't a decent selection when shopping around for cell phones – generally they're reserved for mostly the entry-level devices out there. Well WireFly is here to the rescue for anyone looking to get in on some of the latest offerings from AT&T with one awesome promotion that's happening right now. Browsing through their selection online, you'll notice they're giving away all AT&T devices for free when you purchase it through them – obviously there are of course the requirements needed to get the special deal like signing a 2 year contract. From basic flip phones to some of the latest smartphones like the recently released Motorola BACKFLIP, there's plenty of solutions for just about everyone. Not only do you get the device for free, but WireFly is even throwing in free activation and FedEx shipping to make the deal even sweeter. So if you've been waiting to get a handset for AT&T, now is definitely the best time to check out WireFly.

source: WireFly via PhoneNews

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