Windows Phone 7 unlocker allows bypassing the Marketplace

Windows Phone 7 unlocker allows bypassing the Marketplace

Windows Phone 7 days have come in theirfull glory and so have the limitations of the WP7 Marketplace. Forsome folks who prefer freedom, now there is ChevronWP7,an unlocker that promises to “unleash the potential of your WindowsPhone 7”, or simply put – allows your WP7 phone to getexperimental apps that have not passed official Marketplace approval.

Sounds like Cydia's reincarnation forWindows Phone 7, but we are yet to see if it gets as popular as theiPhone's unofficial app store. However, it looks user-friendly andinforms you kindly that “the unlocking process does not modify ordamage your phone's operating system in any way and can be easilyreversed”. Last but not least, the company isunderlining that unlocking has nothing to do with piracy. So if youfeel like you need to let your WP7 phone breathe free, try out theapp at the source link below.

source: ChevronWP7 via Engadget


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