Windows Phone 7 powered HTC Spark spotted on HTC's web site

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Windows Phone 7 powered HTC Spark spotted on HTC's web site
It's a safe bet to say that HTC is pretty busy cranking out some quality smartphones, but for the most part right now, we've witnessed them to be mostly for Android. They're consistently setting the bar each time whenever they manage to announce and then release a handset – and there's barely any breathing room between announcements. The shift in season is going to cause the Taiwan based manufacturer to start looking at the Windows Phone 7 platform with a keen eye  – where it looks like they're going to devote a great deal amount of time with.

We've already heard about Windows Phone 7 devices like the HTC Mondrian and HTC Mozart through HTC's MMS XML web site, but it looks like yet another is being added into the mix. The HTC Spark is the latest device to be seen on the site and continues to show what kind of commitment HTC has made for the highly anticipated new platform expected to revitalize Windows as we know it. This time around, the HTC Spark is listed as being a keyboard-less handset with an unspecified sized WVGA display and will run the next generation Windows Phone 7 platform. Although it was believed to be a CDMA device, the information gathered from the listing point to a GSM/GPRS radio – but it's also possible for this one to be a dual-mode device; time will truly tell.

source: HTC via wmpoweruser



1. pesmoman unregistered

why isnt the hd2 getting updated to w m7 or why cant htc release a proper android 2.2 froyo rom for the hd2 come on sort something out you have the technology and you definetly have the brains

2. sinfulta

Posts: 279; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

For the millionth time. It requires a capacitive screen and not resistive for either windows 7 or Android. All you will ever have is a windows 6.X.

4. sak211l unregistered

The HD2 has to many hardware buttons wp7 requires 3 hardware buttons no more no less and go to xda they making fast progress on a froyo build for the HD2

6. Kiltlifter

Posts: 742; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

The HD2 does have a capacitive screen, 4.3 inches, Snapdragon 1gHz processor, 574 RAm.... sounds exactly like the EVO... so yeah... a port should be available for android eventually, but drivers need to be updated, blah blah blah... Also, HTC and Microsoft will not support a WP7 update to the HD2 because it has 5 buttons on the front, MS requires 3 like Sak says. But like he also says, developers are working to make WP7 and android 2.2 working for the HD2... MS and google just aren't too happy about it... 0.~

3. Bilalicious unregistered

@ sinfulta: for the millionth time, hd2 has a CAPACITIVE 4.3'' monsterous screen!

5. Rompking

Posts: 3; Member since: Jun 22, 2010


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