Will the iPad have the ability to make emergency phone calls?

Will the iPad have the ability to make emergency phone calls?
There was a piece of interesting news regarding the iPad that surfaced today which makes you wonder if the iPad can really place phone calls. It looks like the team over at 9to5mac uncovered something that'll make eyebrows go up as they've found that Apple's latest creation has the potential to make emergency phone calls. They were able to take a screen shot of the numeric keypad from within the iPad SDK emulator – it's achieved by simply enabling the passcode lock and entering in the wrong password five times. After all of that's been completed, they were able to be greeted with emergency phone call dialing screen. It's still unclear why this feature was found on the iPad – but it could have something to do with the FCC viewing it as a wireless device connected to a cellular network. Others see it as something that was left over from the iPhone and will be removed before it's launched. On the flip side of it actually having the ability to place emergency phone calls, it could point to a way to get it to send or receive regular phone calls – time is ticking already before it's expected to land at the end of this month.

source: 9to5mac via TiPb

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