WiMAX's worldwide growth is expanding rapidly while North America plays catch up

WiMAX's worldwide growth is expanding rapidly while North America plays catch up
So far there hasn't been any clear cut competitor on the horizon that can stir things up for Clearwire here in the US – they've been pretty good when it comes to the roll out of WiMAX across the country. Although we may consider WiMAX moving steadily along, it's nothing compared to the explosive growth its garnering over in Europe and Asia. Here in North America alone, WiMAX has been able to penetrate, thanks to its 51 network deployments, approximately 47 million people – that pales in comparison to what's happening elsewhere on the globe. Asia is seeing the a rapid buildup of 100 network deployments that's been able to cover a staggering 237 million people while Europe comes in second at 115 million people. North America still has some catching up to do where – with Clearwire setting the expectation of achieving a target goal of 120 million people by the end of 2010. That figure may still seem a bit lax when you look at Central/Latin America at 113 million people and Africa/Middle East at 108 people – nonetheless, Clearwire will still sit happily until competition really forces them to expedite the process of ramping up on a larger scale.

source: ZDNet via BGR


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