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White iPhone says cheese for more pictures

White iPhone says cheese for more pictures
With less than one week until the expected introduction of the next generation of Apple's iPhone, we are starting to get some more leaked pictures. The pictures that you see below of a white iPhone features the same flattened back that stood out when Gizmodo photographed the now famous "lost iPhone" (Steve Jobs called the entire incident "an amazing story" in his interview with Mossberg and Swisher last night), and when we viewed the handset seeing action in Vietnam. The iPhone in the picture is wrapped up in clear film and you can see the camera lens and flash. Other photographs show the chassis like the one we showed you the other day, being used in the next level of assembly. As we get closer to June 7th, the number of these pictures should increase right up to the point when the actual introduction is made by Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Apple iPhone Preliminary Specifications

source: PowerBookMedic


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