4K 60 FPS recording or Super slow motion? Which of these camera features is more important to you?

4K 60 FPS recording or Super slow motion? Which of these camera features is more important to you?
With smartphones getting pretty even in power and screen quality nowadays, everyone is looking for ways to make their product stand out. We have the good old custom user interfaces doing a complete Android reskin, we've also got the ones that rock a pure Android experience and touting it as an advantage. Some are going well out of their way to add AI features where their usefulness is often questioned, and others will look into incorporating a ton of ways to securely lock your phone.

But the good old camera race is still ongoing. Nowadays, since everyone makes cameras that are more or less on par, and certainly above average, the rules of the game has changed — every extra feature counts as a plus over the closest competitor. The latest and hottest features we've got are 4K recording at 60 FPS — which is currently offered only on the iPhone 8, iPhone X, and Samsung Galaxy S9 (limited to 5 minutes) — and Super-slow-motion, which is found on the Galaxy S9 and Sony Xperia XZ2 / XZ1, capable of recording a short burst of 960 FPS for 0.2 seconds.

It's obvious that major competitors will work to quickly catch up to these industry leaders. What do you think they should focus on, though? 4K 60 FPS camcorders or making better versions of that Super-slow-motion?

Which camera feature is more important to you?

4K 60 FPS video recording
Super slow motion


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