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Which is your favorite color for a phone?

Posted: , posted by Ray S.

Which is your favorite color for a phone?
"Which is your favorite color for a phone?" It's almost as if the question sounds a bit out of place nowadays, when most of the handsets come out in only one color, which is black, most of the times, but a recent push by Microsoft and its WP8 is trying to make life a bit more colorful for those of us that are closely following the mobile biz.

After the dark age (literally) of smartphone design, it is mainly thanks to the new Nokia Lumias and HTC Windows Phones that we once again discover that a phone may look well in something other than black or grey. Hoping that this ongoing trend is to continue, we wanted to ask you which color do you like most for a phone. Of course, it can depend on the specific design of the model to an extent, and sometimes a phone may look best in a combination of colors, but for the purposes of this poll, let's just stick to main colors, m'kay?

Since black goes so well with everything else, and since most of you will probably just pick black, being the safest and most neutral color for a cell phone, we've simply decided to remove it from the list. Just kidding, black is there for all of us who don't want our phones to have more personality than we do. Also, please note that we'll omit choices such as "crimson red," "midnight blue," and "ceramic white." We understand that some think those are perfectly real colors, but it's just that if we try to include them all, it'd make for one really long (and meaningless) list.

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